Cardboard Dreams Rehearsal, Cultural Ambassador Sceme 2017



30/09/2017 — 15/10/2017

Produced by We Draman as part of the cultural ambassador scheme, Cardboard Dreams is a documentary theatre performance for the community, about the stories and situation of the elderly in Hong Kong. Concept/Direction/Dramaturgy by Rooftop’s Michelle Li, with puppetry and movement direction by Ivor Houlker. This is our second cultural ambassador scheme performance produced by We Draman, after last year’s Building with Bamboo.

Performance Times and Locations

30/9 (六)
11am 大埔中央广场(大埔安埔路)
2:30pm 禾輋邨顺和楼平台(沙田丰顺街2号 近顺和楼旁)

1/10 (日)
11am 青衣海滨公园露天剧场(青衣牙鹰洲街)
2:30pm 东涌逸东邨黎淑英纪念广场(东涌逸东街 近逸东商场)

2/10 (一)
11am 屯门公园露天剧场(屯门乡事会路)
2:30pm 元州邨圆形广场(长沙湾元州街303号 近元州商场)

10月5日 (四)
11am 卑路乍湾公园露天剧场
3pm 爱东商场地下

10月7日 (六)
11am 观塘海滨花园表演场地
3pm 禾輋广场2楼

10月8日 (日)
11am 长发广场2楼
2:30pm 荃湾公园露天剧场

Show Photos

This show follows on from Not The Maids earlier in the year, continuing in our work on documentary theatre. With Cardboard Dreams we also began from arranging interviews, transcribing them, and then working with the actors to create the text of the show from a combination of their own experiences (or interviews with their family/parents) and the verbatim texts we gathered. Sometimes actors tell their own stories about how they relate to the topic, as well as taking on the roles of interviewees, either the elderly themselves, or care workers, or their relatives.

The materials we worked with (cardboard) also reflect an aspect of the elderly poor in Hong Kong that is very particular to this place, the collection of cardboard for the small amount of money that can be made by turning it in for recycling. Puppetry also enables us to move beyond a realistic representation of people in this situation, to a more universal one consistent with the materials of the show.

Official Banner for Cardboard Dreams